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We can’t give you back the years of life taken from you because a company cared more about profits than your health, but we can fight for you. We can put our years of experience and resources to work to hold these corporations accountable for their neglect and for their failure to inform you about potentially deadly exposures at your job. We can do everything in our power to keep it from happening to anyone else.

From life-threatening exposure to cancer-causing materials at work, to the contamination of your home, health, or the environment by large corporations, toxic exposure can be devastating to you and your community’s well-being. We work to hold negligent companies accountable and obtain recovery for those suffering from personal injury, property damage, and economic loss related to negligent business practices.

We represent people and communities to create cleaner, safer places to work and live, and to help bring about change to stop such harmful acts from happening again.

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Our attorneys will fight for your rights to a safe work environment and a safe natural environment for both you and your family. For more information regarding toxic exposure litigation, or to discuss a potential claim, please contact our toxic exposure attorneys at 314-725-5151.

Making Companies Pay When Greed Causes Harm

When big companies increase their profits at the expense of people’s health and welfare, our personal injury lawyers fight back with toxic tort lawsuits that hold the companies accountable for what they have done.

Corporate greed can make people sick and kill innocent victims. Too many companies are making money at the expense of their employees and their neighbors. Our attorneys work hard to investigate and litigate toxic tort cases.

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