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Anyone who purchases a product or service is potentially at risk for fraud, and even the most financially savvy customer can unknowingly fall victim to it. It can crop up in a number of ways, from relying on what a manufacturer says about their product to purchasing a product that turns out to be defective.

Facing the pressures of a competitive marketplace, some companies take deceptive actions in order to give them a financial edge while disadvantaging countless customers. Consumer fraud may appear in the form of:

  • False and misleading advertising or bait and switch tactics
  • Selling defective products
  • Interpreting a contract or agreement in a way that unfairly disadvantages the consumer
  • Overcharging or improper charges for goods and services
  • Automobile fraud
  • Insurance fraud


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Our Approach to Consumer Fraud Litigation

Orlowsky Law believes that class action lawsuits are an important tool for both the individual and the marketplace. For many consumers, filing an independent lawsuit may be impractical or costly. A class action lawsuit positions a group of similarly harmed consumers to pursue recovery for their damages.

Our firm seeks damages for consumers with both small and large losses, and we strive to make a significant impact that will also discourage future businesses from attempting to undertake the same illicit practices.


Types of Consumer Fraud Cases

We litigate consumer fraud lawsuits to seek accountability and change, as well as compensation for damages such as medical expenses, loss of income, long-term care, and rehabilitation. Too often, public safety is compromised by:

  • Improper Labels:  Failure to warn and inadequate instructions can cause problems with how to use a product – and especially with the safe use of a product.
  • Medical Devices:  When a medical device fails, the injuries can be painful, serious, and permanent.
  • Food Products:  Food companies and grocery stores have a responsibility to make sure the food they produce is safe to eat and properly labeled.  Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
  • Children’s Toys:  A thorough knowledge of federal regulations helps in investigating injuries caused by dangerous toys.
  • Household Products:  Household products can have defects that cause serious injuries.  A design flaw, manufacturing error, or a missing warning label can put consumers at risk. The companies that make the products should be held accountable.
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation:  When a dangerous drug doesn’t do what it claims (or makes health worse), the injuries are often irreversible.

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Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuits

Federal and state laws offer consumer fraud protection by regulating the advertising, marketing, and sale of consumer products and services. In addition, there are federal agencies that work to prevent and address consumer fraud, including the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

These agencies, however, do not help individual consumers pursue recovery for damage due to fraud. If you are a victim of consumer fraud, our attorneys are positioned to use a lawsuit to help you seek justice and obtain compensation. Contact us immediately at 314-725-5151.