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Finding the Facts in Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are among the most difficult to prove. It takes a law firm with a massive amount of medical knowledge, access to medical experts, the financial resources to build a compelling case, and the ability to take a case to trial against a vigorous defense from malpractice insurance lawyers.

Orlowsky Law has the resources and skills necessary to try challenging, complex medical malpractice cases. We fight for patients whose lives have been severely affected by a healthcare provider’s negligence.

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Failure to Diagnose Can Waste Valuable Time and Cost a Life

One of the most common mistakes made by doctors and other health care providers is failing to diagnose a condition in a timely manner. If a suspicious mammogram is noticed and acted on in the early stages, quick surgery and treatment can return a woman to her normal life in days or weeks. Cancer misdiagnosis can give the cancer time to metastasize and pose a grave danger.

A doctor’s failure to notice an infant in distress can result in a birth injury. Failure to diagnose and remove skin cancer can cause death. When a heart attack is diagnosed as a digestive problem and the patient is sent home, the result can be devastating.

Medical malpractice cases can include doing the wrong surgery, leaving objects behind in surgery, or failing to manage anesthesia appropriately and safely during surgery.

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